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Organise your move with total peace of mind thanks to LUXDEBARRAS!

Whether you’re a private individual or a professional, LUXDEBARRAS can help you with your relocation plans by offering a turnkey solution to transport all of your belongings.

Relocating is often stressful, even if it’s for a positive reason such as a new house project, a growing family or a job or company transfer, etc.

At LUXDEBARRAS, we take you to your new home or apartment or help you move into your new business premises in the best possible conditions so that this new start is a pleasant moment for you.

LUXDEBARRAS takes care of your relocation from A to Z in a professional and speedy manner.

Transport of boxes in a removal truck by Luxdébarras

We know how important and valuable your belongings are to you, so we treat them with special attention and care.

Depending on your needs and your budget, we can handle all or part of your removal projects by:


  • providing boxes, protective covers and removal blankets

  • packing and unpacking your items

  • dismantling and/or assembling your furniture 

  • loading, transporting and delivering your belongings

  • potentially cleaning the property once the removal is over


We provide a professional removal van and a furniture lift for easy access to upper floors and hard-to-reach areas (attic/loft spaces, etc.).


If you no longer need certain bulky items, we can get rid of them for you by taking them to our network of Luxembourg associations or by reselling them at our LUXPUCES flea markets. If items or equipment are broken or not in working order, we take them to a waste disposal centre.


Our professional removal team makes every effort to ensure that your move is both fast and discreet.

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Here’s a to-do list to help you protect your most fragile belongings and prepare your move without forgetting anything:

-    Label your boxes according to the room they belong in (e.g. kitchen, bedroom 1, etc.), their contents (clothes, crockery, etc.) and any relevant comments (e.g. fragile). 
-    Empty and dust all furniture items, room by room so that you don’t forget anything. 
-    Wrap your most fragile items (frames, bulky decorative items, TVs, fabric sofas, etc.) in bubble wrap or blankets.
-    Take down any pictures, photos, shelves, wall-mounted fixtures, lights, etc.
-    Empty and unplug your fridge and freezer so that they have time to defrost, and make sure that they no longer contain any stagnant water.
-    On removal day, unplug all appliances and shut off the gas, electricity and water.

We can provide you with boxes, bubble wrap, plastic clothes racks and blankets on simple request (to be submitted 15 days before the move date at the latest).

To avoid any unpleasant surprises and guarantee a breakage-free move, your belongings must be placed in suitable containers (we will not take charge of any types of bags, such as VALORLUX, ECOBAG, bin bags, plastic baskets, travel bags, etc.). Please note that we only transport material goods; animals, aquariums, vivariums, etc. are the owner’s responsibility.

Depending on the formula chosen, our team can take care of all the preparations so that you can focus on more essential matters.


For a free quote, call us on (+352) 661 80 40 22. 

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