Notre équipe LUXDEBARRAS

Since 2015, the LUXDEBARRAS family has been assisting professionals and private individuals with their space clearances in order to make them as easy as possible.

All our agents are trained and prepared to carry out their tasks in the best possible conditions, with discretion and respect for environmental and legal standards.

LUXDEBARRAS provides a complete and personalised follow-up according to the needs of each individual.

From the procedures for the different authorisations to the legal procedures with the notaries for the successors.


We organise the event from A to Z.

We can intervene in all types of events, house clearances, flat clearances, cellar clearances, garage clearances, building clearances, but also for removals, green space clearances, clearances following a death, clearances following a divorce, clearances for people suffering from compulsive pathologies or OCD (Diogenes, Syllogomania, etc.), clearances following an inheritance or following an eviction


During the inventory of fixtures, benefit from a discount on your estimate by estimating the value of the goods you want to get rid of !


At LUXDEBARRAS, trust and confidentiality are paramount. Ask for your estimate now !



""no hassle""

"no embarrassment"

"The agency specialised in house clearance and all kinds of yard sales throughout Luxembourg".

Opt for a fast, professional and efficient service 

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Interview with Aurélie GHYS

No hassle, no embarrassment !

Empty houses, garages, cellars, attics, professional premises, warehouses, etc.

"LUXDEBARRAS is the only company intended for Luxembourg citizens for "house emptying" with all the transport and waste authorizations in accordance with the laws of our country." - Aurélie Ghys, founder and director of LUXDEBARRAS for 2015 years, tells us about her company.

"LUXDEBARRAS is a company specialised in the field of "house clearance". This need can, one day, concern any citizen of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Our Luxembourg specificity allows us to protect the client and the heritage of our country."

Aurélie, how does LUXDEBARRAS work?

"We clear out garages, attics, cellars and exteriors, etc... All you have to do is call us and the client will quickly receive an estimate. We intervene within 48 hours of the accepted estimate. LUXDEBARRAS hires qualified personnel for the dumping of wood, mixed or scrap metal waste. We can also take away other waste that cannot be dumped, such as large household appliances.

Is your official label important, Mrs Ghys?


"For example, if a foreign company comes to remove bulky items, including waste, it cannot transport them to Luxembourg because it is not registered to do so. Customers should take this into account when making their choice. Any illegal deposits can be punished very dearly..."

"Household emptying is a very old profession, but we have made it official at the GDL and we are working with the Ministry of the Environment to improve the reuse of waste. We also have partners like Ecotrel, who recognise us according to European environmental standards. If the client works with us, we collect their equipment and the waste is dismantled and destroyed in an environmentally friendly way.

Anything else Aurélie?


"Yes, we have a covered flea market in our warehouse in Gostingen, open all year round from Wednesday to Saturday from 2pm to 6pm. Not only are there good bargains to be had, but we also make things festive with a special welcome, and even children will find it fun to get up close and personal with farm animals."



34, rue Philippe II, L-2340 Luxembourg

Phone: +352 661 80 40 22   secretariat@luxdebarras.lu


Monday to Saturday: 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.


10 rue Sangels, L-5425 Gostingen | Flaxweiler

Phone: +352 661 80 40 11   info@luxdebarras.lu

Thursday to Sunday: 2 p.m. to 6 p.m.