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LUXDEBARRAS can offer you a turnkey solution to effectively declutter your spaces and enjoy a more functional working environment.

You’d like to have a clear out and get rid of some bulky items, such as old pieces of furniture (tables, chairs, wardrobes, desks, shelves, etc.), large electrical appliances (ovens, fridges, freezers, cookers, washing machines, heaters, etc.), IT equipment, scrap metal (ferrous/non-ferrous metal), etc.?

Clearing out large areas, such as warehouses, factories, business premises and offices, requires a specialised approach. Given the scale of the tasks at hand and the need to use special equipment that is designed to handle and transport large objects, it’s crucial to call on professionals in the field.

Thanks to its experienced team and state-of-the-art logistics, LUXDEBARRAS draws on its expertise to help you clear out your premises in record time:
-    Collection of bulky items regardless of the material (furniture, large appliances, IT equipment, scrap met-al, packaging, large stands, etc.)  
-    Recovery of factory waste (ferrous and non-ferrous metal)
-    Provision of a skip
-    Etc. 

We travel to your site, free of charge, to assess the volumes and nature of the bulky items to take care of, and to offer you a tailored solution which takes account of your needs and budget. 

Decluttering an attic where a large number of items are stored

Our decluttering service goes far beyond a simple clear-out, as we also ensure responsible management of any bulky items recovered.

Some of the appliances and bulky items that we recover deserve a second life and can make other people happy. This is the case for items such as furniture, computer equipment or appliances which are considered out-of-date but which can still serve a purpose in another environment.

Therefore, some of the bulky items that we recover are donated to Luxembourg associations or sold at our LUXPUCES indoor flea markets.

Any bulky items and waste that can’t be re-used or resold are sorted then disposed of at waste disposal centres in accordance with the environmental standards in force.

Our services are not only aimed at professionals, but also private individuals who wish to clear out their home, attic, barn, garage, etc. 

For more information about our decluttering services, call us on (+352) 661 80 40 22.

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