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Call on a professional to clear out your home from top to bottom, from attic to cellar!

You need to clear out your house or apartment within a short time frame?
You don’t have much time left to carry out an inventory of fixtures and hand back the keys to your accommodation?
Your tenants have left behind some bulky items that you need to get rid of ASAP?

Whether moving house, selling or renting a property, going into a retirement home, or in the event of an inheritance or a bereavement, etc. all of these situations call for quick and effective arrangements to free up your home as soon as possible.

Clearing out your home can be a huge challenge, not only from an organisational but also an emotional perspective. It calls for meticulous organisation and the right equipment, and involves disposing of some unnecessary items which may be closely associated with a person or a memory.

LUXDEBARRAS can take care of this chore for you by offering customised solutions that are tailored to each specific situation. We can sort out your belongings, clear out your home in next to no time and transport items to a Luxembourg association, an address of your choice (a friend or family member), your care home, etc.

We have a fleet of vehicles, vans and furniture lifts that enable us to clear out premises in record time, and we cover all rooms of the property, including any hard-to-reach areas such as cellars, basements, attics, etc.

Our team can clear out your home while ensuring the utmost respect for your private life, total discretion and complete professionalism.

Our Luxdébarras trucks can transport your furniture and belongings after a home clearance.

Tailored solutions for professionals 

We put our know-how at the service of professionals, whatever their activity: estate agency, business, factory, laboratory, service provider (offices), etc.

To meet their specific needs, we travel to their site to prepare a free quote and assess the extent of the work involved to clear their business premises.

We can declutter all kinds of spaces, whatever the surface area, recover production waste, such as metals, packaging and bulky items, and take any disused objects and equipment to the waste disposal centre.

For more information about our house clearance services, call us on (+352) 661 80 40 22. 

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