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You’ve inherited an unsanitary, cluttered or very dirty property? 
Leave all the heavy-duty cleaning to us!

You’ve inherited a house or an apartment that’s in an unsanitary condition?

You’ve just discovered that a loved one’s home is so untidy and dirty that it’s no longer fit for living in?

You need to help someone who’s suffering from Diogenes (or severe domestic squalor) syndrome, hoarding disorder, self-neglect, Noah (or animal hoarding) syndrome, OCD, etc.?

Whatever situation you’ve encountered, we know that it almost always comes as a surprise, a shock and an ordeal. Very often, this discovery takes place at the time of an inheritance, guardianship, hospital stay, house move, or following an accident or incident.

Calling on a clearance and cleaning professional and a specialist second-hand dealer is therefore the best possible solution.

Cleaning a house that once belonged to a victim of Diogenes syndrome.

What is Diogenes syndrome?

People with Diogenes (or severe domestic squalor) syndrome suffer from a behavioural disorder that causes them to accumulate and hoard a vast number of useless and disused objects, as well as heaps of waste that can pile up in all rooms of the house, from inside to outside. 

As well as being dangerous for the person who has to live there on a daily basis, this no longer allows to keep their home clean and poses a risk to their health.

Clearing, deep-cleaning and disinfecting unsanitary accommodation

LUXDEBARRAS offers a comprehensive solution that will enable you to enjoy a clean, tidy and pleasant home in next to no time, so that you can make a fresh start.

Our experienced and specially trained team will start by clearing each room and carefully sorting out the contents, making sure to set aside any family heirlooms or items of sentimental value.

We take care of dismantling furniture and transporting belongings and bulky items to Luxembourg associations, our LUXPUCES flea markets or the waste disposal centre.

Once the accommodation is empty, we deep-clean and disinfect every surface to eliminate all of the dirt, bacteria and unpleasant odours.

The LUXDEBARRAS team can clear out your home while ensuring the utmost respect for your private life, total discretion and complete professionalism.

If you need to deep-clean your home after having work carried out, in the event of an accident or incident, or in case of Diogenes syndrome, call us on (+352) 661 80 40 22. 

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